Working With GC

You may have just gotten in business and are in need of a brand identity, or you may have a brand identity and need to project your business to further engage with your target market. Either way, helping to convey your business is our business. Vehicle graphics, signage, stationery, and design are only a few of the services we offer to do just that. Whatever medium a job calls for, your business will be seen in the same light that you’ve seen in your vision. We’ll make your message crystal clear and design it in a way that clicks.

Every project begins with a consultation to nail down the objective. That consultation can be had over the phone, through email, or right here in the shop. It can be as easy as updating a business card or as complex as vehicle graphics. Whatever the case, that initial dialog is paramount in getting us on the same page so we can fulfill what the project calls for. Any pertinent files can be sent via email. If necessary, we can create or update current graphics from scratch; for example, a business card or logo. Once the deposit is collected, the project begins.

After we have a clear idea of the project, the design process is underway. Print materials typically involve cut and dry dimensions so we can usually get going on design right away. Projects such as vehicle graphics, signage, and storefronts can’t be started without accurate pictures and measurements since we create in scale; that allows for accurate sizing and installation. A design typically goes through a series of tweaks by the client before a project is deemed ready for production. We send a preview image after every stage of development to ensure the client’s specifications are satisfied throughout the process. We don’t begin processing the order until the project has been officially signed off.

Upon approval of the design, the production phase begins. The client is notified when the graphics have been prepared. In the case of vehicle graphics and signage, an appointment must be scheduled to have the graphics applied. Vehicle graphics typically get installed in our climate-controlled bay. We can come out to your location for signage or heavy machinery application. Vehicles can be left here for as long as needed. Application takes anywhere from a half an hour to a few hours depending on the size of the job. It typically takes around four days for stationery to be prepared. We can mail or you can pick it up from our shop. We then send an invoice and wait for our chance to work on your next project.


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